Eroticats Cheltenham Festival Events

Hot Events in Cheltenham Racecourses

Cheltenham Racecourses have a long, proud history of hosting only the best events. Horse races have been an important part of our culture for decades. Eroticats in Cheltenham is happy to be a part of that tradition, hosting unique events throughout the year.

Experience some of the best action the Cheltenham Racecourses have ever seen. The talented performers from Eroticats are excited to show off their latest moves at the Showcase. If that wasn’t enough, the Eroticats strippers from Cheltenham will also be at attending the Open, the International, Festival Trial Day, the April Meeting and New Year’s Day Racing.

Race week has always presented several opportunities to for lads to have an amazing night out. Why not enjoy a sexy lap dance after the race? Eroticats performers don’t want to steal the show, but it is hard to keep your eyes off of the talented Cheltenham dancers!

The Cheltenham Festival is the perfect opportunity for Eroticat’s strippers to show off their latest routines. Tantalising dances help keep everyone in the party mood for hours after the races stop. This experience is nothing like going to your home-town strip club, these are professional dancers who love to make sure their customers are satisfied.

The strippers at Cheltenham always have a new trick up their sleeve for Cheltenham. With access to several exciting outfits, you never know what to expect from these beautiful dancers. Contact Eroticats today to learn more about this historical event and how their dancers can spice it up. You’ll quickly see why everyone is talking about the Gold Cup strippers!